Hard Enduro Adventures Tasmania keep on roosting

Despite the Australian Hard Enduro Championship falling victim to Covid-19 for the remainder 2020

The H.E.A.T Crew is Tassie are pushing ahead with a two day fun event to give the local riders something to sink their knobbies into.

H.E.A.T have changed the event to consist of 4 hr Enduro and training weekend.

Saturday will consist of a man-made and natural prologue course in Poatina for people to come have a look and have a go at the various obstacles, where you will get the chance to learn from Tasmania’s best Hard Enduro and trials rider Chris Bayles and all the other dedicated Hard enduro team on the day.
Saturday will see a 4hr Hard Enduro race that’ll cater for all levels from super easy to keep a seasoned rider busy, if you Tassies folk have never entered an event before this is the one.
For more information and registrations click HERE