Private Property & Restrictions of Motorcycle Use

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The Golden Plains Shire Council in Victoria are calling for submissions and feedback on their draft local law No2 that may well enforce their already strict policy on the use of motorcycles on private property including land zoned as rural.
If not passed, this means your child(and yourself) will require a permit to ride their PW50 on your own 50 acre lot along with being restricted to a maximum two hours per day.

This includes battery power motorcycles


An extract from the Golden Shire Plains Facebook post
“Council’s Draft Local Law No. 2 is currently out for public feedback, and we want to know your thoughts on the proposed changes, including on use of motorbikes on private land.

Council receives a large number of complaints relating to their use on private land, the noise made, and the amount of time they are being used. Under the current Local Law, a permit is required for any recreational use of a motorbike on private land. The new Draft Local Law No. 2 would allow residents in Low Density Residential Zones and Township Zones to use a motorbike for one hour per day without a permit, and residents in Rural and Farming Zones to use a motorbike for recreation purposes for up to two hours without a permit.

Protect your lifestyle
Whether or not you if live in the Golden Plains Shire we think is it imperative land owners and riders remain united against such over bearing laws being placed on rural properties.
Be sure to read the information and provide council with your feedback.

Submissions close 11.59am, 22 September 2020. 

161 thoughts on “Private Property & Restrictions of Motorcycle Use”

  1. I can’t believe electric vehicles are included in this. I can understand that some people may be upset about noise but this is a non issue with electric.
    We buy large blocks to have some freedom.

    1. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard .Surely this council can’t be that stupid some families make it their life to go dirt bike riding it definitely goes a long way to keeping families together .This would just deprive kids from anther great outdoor activity that has been done for years.This state has gone mad heads need to roll for even trying to bring such a law in .There has not been much thought at all gone into the let alone the line of industry that comes with it .Wow is this the sort of crap that comes with a uni degree . absolutely disgusted to even read this?????????

      1. This a typo example of the noisy minority. The people move out to the lifestyle blocks knowing that some people ride bikes, then they whinge to the council to get the bikes stopped. If they don’t want the bikes then they shouldn’t move out there. What happens on your own block is up to you. All the bike riders need to band together and fight this ridiculous council ruling.

      2. After they do these people will complain about the knock-on effect of obesity because your child is not allowed to ride there dirtbike on their own property.

      3. I totally agree with you Dean, my kids learned to ride bikes, tractors & cars on our 40 acres rural & their kids learned as well & now their kids are learning to ride the quad bike, this is an absolutely outrageous law, next thing you know they’ll be restricting ride-on lawn mowers, ther’s no safer place to learn than your own property, no streets & traffic to worry about, these white collar desk riders need to pull their fuckin’ heads in & grow some brains.

    2. This is absolutely ridiculous, makes zero sense, it is your property, where else is a child going to be able to practice riding a bike in a perfectly safe environment without prejudice, if not their own property.
      Whoever come up with this rubbish needs to go !!!!!

    3. Biggest load of garbage I’ve ever heard, we had to get a permit to ride and it was only 50m from a boundary of our block which meens could only ride pw 50s dowm a stew graded hill.. people have to much time on their hands complaining about this, people buy acreage to have freedom, what is wrong with australia

    4. Going to far. Noise… ok. Dust…. ok. Electric or well muffled in damp conditions…. dawn til dusk should not be prohibited! !!!

    1. What a joke there is no way this can be possible. They will be liable to reimburse the value on our property prices as most buy rural land for the freedom and to be able to ride motorbikes in a safe and legal manner.
      Land valuations will be severely effected. I will be fighting this proposal at whatever cost.

    2. Get a grip!!!!!!
      Is there a restrictions on chainsaw usage?
      The growing trend of minorities overcoming the good of the people.

  2. How’s no sound try setting some new laws that actually make the community a better place worry about what’s going on in the streets not on my property

  3. What a load of shit that’s why most families move out to country so there kids can do this, would you prefer them riding on roads etc this council needs to grow a brain and anyone that complains don’t move to country stay in the city, dumb as dog shit some of these people .

  4. So getting kids acquainted with motorcycles from a young age is a bad thing, even when they are used as farm vehicles?

    Get a grip on reality

  5. We buy these blocks of land so we can let our kids ride their motor bikes, ride their pony’s,play loudly make noise so we don’t bother anyone in town. If you don’t like the noise leave.

  6. People buy property to enable their kids to ride and learn how to do it safely in a controlled environment, as there is no current access for kids to use state forests and parks you are making it hard for people to enjoy something they work hard for. People have different hobbies and views and it is not right to change the rules to suit individuals!

    1. What a load of shit I have a 5 year old who loves it I brought land so he can ride on I would rather he ride on my land on my land than rinding on the streets hanging around crack heads the Geelong council closed breakwater track down how many years ago and still carny find any where to locate a new track where else are we meant to ride it fuck off golden

  7. Dan Andrews has already rushed similar laws through where the state government has “care taker” rolls on some shires , the fact it includes Electric vehicles shows its not about noise at all and purely having full control over its resident’s. Australia is going to the dogs .

  8. This is just ridiculous! As a person who grew up with family living in Lethbridge, my greatest memories involved riding through the paddocks all day. The fact that residents alrady have to pay for a permit to ride motorbikes on their own land is truly absurd and I can’t believe such a law was actually allowed.
    Now you Golden Plains want their residents to abide by strict times that they are allowed to ride motorbikes on their own property. This is nothing more than another revenue raising ridiculous local law.
    This new proposal will not help farmers who still own large properties in Golden Plains Shire and this is a clear example of what happens when councillors are people born in suburbia who when adults decide to go buy acre blocks of land in rural towns.

  9. Strongly oppose more restrictions on riding motorbikes on your own land. We already have a permit and scheduled times in place, leave it at that! Kids can’t access ride parks these days due to restrictions, can’t go out bush (kids) so where else do we ride? Oh thats right, on our 9 acres, our home, our land…the land we pay rates on.
    Stop changing this way of life just because some city slickers don’t like the sound of mowers, chainsaws and bikes .. this is beyond a joke guys, use some common sense and hear the people’s voice. Majority love hearing/seeing kids riding around on the weekend…those who don’t can move to the city or away from this shire. Simple!

  10. No, think of the other avenues that opens up for nanny state governments. This is impacts on broader property rights and potential wide reaching social implications. The timing (Vic COVID-19 lock down) is sneaky and this right is small relative to the broader rights being trampled in Vic at the moment, such as locking down rural areas with no community COVID transmission.

  11. This is unlawful.
    Anyone has the right to enjoy there property which they payed for and pay rates for.
    This will decrease your population growth and economic growth.
    Recreational activities is all we have at the end of the day. After a hard weeks work not being able to enjoy what I bought with it, is downright inhuman.
    This will bring a knock on effect – economic downfall. Local recreational vehicle stores closing down. Loss of jobs. Buildings going to waste.
    Rise in unwanted behaviour WHY?????
    Those recreational vehicles keep kids at home, with friends and not in the streets causing public mischief.

  12. In my honest opinion you should be able to do what ever you want on your own property, I think it’s a joke having to get a permit to ride a motorbike on your own property, if you can’t ride on your own property where will you be able to ride? I don’t have a property but I do ride and I have to travel an hour or more to go for a ride at a ride park and that for me is a major down fall, the sport is losing people as it is let alone if those people wanting to race can’t ride on there property it will just kill the sport completely

  13. I believe people have the right to use motorcycles on their private properties for recreation. Especially with the times we are now living in, people need an escape while allowing them to remain on their properties.

  14. I suggest that before this law gets passed that all farmers or land holders that approve their land to be used for motorcycle recreational use that they seek approval to be a designated area for the use of motorcycles.
    How ever it does not state how to get this approval, It’s more than likely in the flatulance permit pass along with up shit creek..
    Seriously what is this world coming to, let the kids have some fun with us big kids too, maybe we could suggest that the shire offer the complainers some free ear plugs..

  15. What control freaks, how manny real complaints do you get ?, and from who ?, perhaps a couple of repeat pest complainers. This is a beat up as most motorcycles including mini bikes are noise suppressed and in particular most mini bikes are almost impossible to hear from 100m away.
    I better idea would be to introduce a noise level restriction. To include electric bikes in this as a noise disturbance is very telling as to the amount of knowledge you have surrounding the topic. Making bylaws when your Ignorant and uneducated proves you shouldn’t hold the position in council!.

  16. This is ridiculous as kids spend way too much time on the screens and this is one thing they love getting outside mixing among all their friends and family there is nothing better than kids going for a little putt around the paddock

  17. Get a grip.
    Imagine if Golfers were complained about the Polo shirts and fancy pants they wear.
    Government gas to wake up.
    It a sport and sport is healthy for the mind and the body.

  18. this is ridiculous when will we stop being stripped of our rights the government is supposed to work for us not against

  19. To ban is rediculous. A neighbour can have a loud car and drive it all day with no repercussions. It is a pastime and a massive sport and hobby. To take this away is unjust

  20. This is going too far. This law needs to be abolished for ever. The last thing we need is kids who are stuck inside on computers.

  21. My cousin has had very limited activities to do living on a farm property, him and I have bonded through riding dirt bikes on his father (my uncles) property. He has learnt many skills with this activity and it is fantastic for his physical and mental health. How dare this even be considered. A time restriction is also ridiculous. I highly doubt the noise is as much of an issue as it is said to be.

  22. Are you people serious
    Do we have no rights anymore
    Continue to dictate and govern absolutely everything
    Take away our doors activities on our own land that we apparently own pay for pay rates and all the rest
    Let’s put our kids inside in front of the television

  23. This is absurd!!!! The madness has to stop!!!
    There are perfectly good control in place already such as decibel levels etc.

  24. But it’s their land! So if they want to ride their bikes or quads then let them! Not to mention some farmers use bikes or quads for their daily jobs! Thumbs down to having to have a permit! Bloody ridiculous!

  25. What a joke!!!

    I believe that a permit and restrictions on the amount of use the motorbike is being used is just ridiculous. On private property you can do what you want. People who want this law should get a life.

  26. Don’t let this go ahead leave things as they are
    Its my land i worked hard for and my right to live as i choose
    Property Owner

  27. My Land my right to do what I choose on it with my children. These pen pushing twits need to get a life. Get the illegal riding off the streets and kids butts off lounges, out from behind a tv, computer screen.

  28. We pay extra for our land and extra for our rates so we can have the room to ride bikes horses ect why should we be penalised for this stop trying to take away county lifestyles.

  29. I oppose any law which restricts the outdoor recreational activities of any person of all ages especially children, whether they be motorised or not. Motorised activities such as motorbike riding or electric vehicle driving provides strong levels of fitness, Balance and good hand-eye co-ordination. We have a serious problem with obesity that can be combated by both proper diet and exercise. The proposed laws are draconian and completely out of touch with reality. I strongly oppose them and will do whatever it takes to unseat the person or persons who are proposing these laws.

  30. This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard why do people have such an issue with motorcycles? Let us ride we aren’t hurting anyone especially on our own property

  31. if you own the property than you can do what you like with it within reason some people have land with bike tracks on it a the red tape to go to clubs is more trouble than it’s worth and you can only ride there when they decide to open if you have your own property and are riding within safety guidelines then there should be no issue .In mustering season it takes more than 2 hours to do what is needed to do that in a safe environment as well

  32. This is a ridiculous idea. I grew up riding motor bikes on the farm as a kid. Spend many many hours a week ripping around. I get that noise could be the driver behind this and if true the council should be able to book for excessive noise. But what is being proposed is outrageous

  33. If it’s your land you should be allowed to do what ever you want, ride motor bikes , drive paddock bombs, it gives kids something to do and keeps them from doing it on the roads.

  34. This is ridiculous… We all pay enough rates to live a country lifestyle and now you think it’s ok to make us pay more to do what we want on our own land.. F U Golden Plains

  35. So I live in Bannockburn and this is what I just submitted to those greedy pricks on the council feedback.

    You would think that with the ever increasing value of rates and taxes in the golden plains shire that you pricks get you would see it in you cold dead greedy hearts to not go after kids and familys just trying to have fun and enjoy a recreational activity. Why don’t you put noise restrictions and permits on all footy grounds and kid parks too. Better yet make small kids pay to use playground equipment for the same noice pollution. Put my hard earning tax and rates money to better and more pressing issues you pack of useless greedy self righteous morons.

    Bunch of wankers.

  36. How dare they. There is no logical reason for this other than someone is wanting to be a control freak and ruin the joy of the outdoors. Maybe we need a civil war in Australia. This is not meant to be a communist regime. Lets vote these people out.

  37. Why can’t we ride as much as want on our own land if people complain just say deal with it or move it is our own land we can do what we want

  38. councils have shut down airports due to people complaining, even though originally the airport was miles away from residences however greater population needed more land in which built closer and closer. Councils have also shut gun ranges due to the same reason. I believe the whinners need to educate themselves better or come to a compromise without including more and more permits or payments (which goes no where). How does this stop average people having fun. Governments constantly push for our youth to get energised and stop playing video games – well I know of plenty of kids rather bike ride than game anyday. It all starts with ignorant people – example look at gun laws, just increased the money into government agencies for what….they still make the same noise.

  39. This law is tyranny. You’re being unAustralian. This is Australia not communist China. Leave people alone to live in peace.

  40. Is it just me or are many people not reading what the proposed change is. Currently a permit is needed for all recreational riding, the proposal is to set time limits that allow for no permit with a permit needed to ride for periods longer than the proposed limits, this is actually reduced regulation.

    Now I am not saying the limits are enough and would personally suggest that an unlimited amount of riding between 7.30am and 9pm would be a better option for all. But reduced regulation is better than increased regulation. Let the riders ride.

  41. There is enough government interventions in people’s lives and it has to stop. This is just more evidence of overreach and abuse of power and intervention in people’s lives. This is unacceptable.

  42. None of those restrictions can ever be law and can be successfully challenged in court as they don’t comply with our Constitution.

  43. There is literally no point in buying acreage if the only thing allowed is mowing and maintaining the property.You will devalue owning land and instead make it a burden.Leave the working class alone .We have sacrificed a large portion of our life’s to provide a safe and legal environment for our children and grand children.

  44. I say let kids be kids and let them learn how to ride bikes in a safe environment. Same for paddock bombs if you have no where to learn hows that going to help the next generation. Private property free country do what we want. ?

  45. What a load of bullshit. We pay our rates for OUR properties and get bugger all maintenance from the council on a rural block – and now we are expected to limit our recreation on this block for which it was purchased! Couldn’t be any more ridiculous! Why don’t we push all our kids on the streets to live a life of drug use and violence and crime because they aren’t allowed to learn anything safely anymore!!

  46. Have your say?? My say is get fucked. Serious, who the fuck comes up with this bullshit plans?? Must be some bored cunt to think no more then two hours a day to ride a bike on your OWN land? What’s next?? You going to come up with some bullshit that we will have to get permission to wipe our own ass’s next. Definitely a big fat fucking NO from me. ??

  47. Absolute bullshit GPS, more money to go towards Bannockburn and it’s roundabouts and improvements! We Pay big rates to live in your shire to basically get our bins emptied …… oh yeah and to stop our kids riding their motorbikes.

  48. Its private property.shires should have NO say over motor bike riding or similar on your property.some of these shires should be sacked by the state government and investigated for mismanagement

  49. I think if you own the land, Rual, or not you should be able to drive/ ride what you want to…Who are you to tell us what we can actually do on our own land!! It’s actually disgusting that this should even be considered a thought of REVENUE?!? All boils down to hungry money sucking government that thinks they have a bloody right to people’s things that they have worked hard for….put a vote up I say !!!! See what the people really think about this! And I wonder why the people of Australia start protests which they can hardly control!!! WAKE UP AUSTRALIA DON’T LET THE GOVERNMENT TAKE YOUR LAND RIGHTS!!!!

  50. as a land owner who has a property where we ride i find this absurd.this isnt world heritage wilderness we are talking about
    most of our shire is rural gold mining country and farming land.this is a total over reach.there are already laws in place to protect neighbors from excessive noise.we pay exspensive rates to be able to ride on our property .All this will do is see many people sell up devaluing the area.

  51. What a load of shit yous cant do that!! pack of fuck wits taking all the fun things in life away from us.. soon we won’t be able to wipe our own ass’s without a pemit

  52. what a pathetic way of making more money this is bull shit fix the roads in the shire instead of picking on bikes we live in the country as we like bikes like the bush don’t like small minded little Hitler’s that dont have a life of there own so try and ruin everyone elses you suck

  53. OMG I just bought a block of land for that reason to take my kids and grand kids away for weekends riding, get them outdoors off there phones and computer and enjoy the outdoors, what is going wrong with Victoria have the shire lots there mine, when you spend hundreds of thousands on property you should be able to enjoy it, permints to build permits to cut a tree down permints to build a fence, is this just another money grab, nanny state ????

  54. My kids all drove motorcycles on the property and we went shooting for foxes and rabbitts it’s a country town not suburburbia this how country kids live in the out doors not on iPads or phones

  55. You so called righteous bunch of dogooders have lost the plot. You clearly know nothing about motorbikes and whats involved when its done properly the benefits from it. Not everyone wants to kick a footy or play netball or bowl a ball some kids and parents want to ride motorbikes and they have every right to if thats their chosen sport, passion or sense of fun.
    Would you rather the people who do choose to do this roaming the streets bored with nothing to do and then potentially creating a problem for you? You spend squillions building skate parks, play centres etc etc to avoid this yet when there is something that people want to do on their property at their expense you want to take it off them mmm “what is wrong with you people”
    The things people and kids learn when motorbike riding is done correctly and especially when racing should be researched before these decisions are made.
    -Teaches personal focus, goal setting and preparation
    – Respect for safety and rules and guidelines and playing fair
    – learn what care, maintenance and effort is required to achieve a result
    ( not just through your crap in a washing machine.
    – Social skills in dealing with a wide variety of people and age groups
    – Promotes strong work ethic
    – Builds parent and child relationships
    – Promotes good health
    – Personal responsibly and independence
    – Work ethic (you get out what you put in)
    – learn tons of life skills outside of the sport that will stay with you for life
    My Question is “why would you want to take that away”. If they have the land etc to ride and practice on madness to take that away.
    Unfair and unjust.

  56. Those who oppose government overreach are often ridiculed as conspiracy theorists and nutjobs. It’s typically not until the government does something that personally impacts people that they finally take note and make a stand.
    Whilst I stand with everyone here saying that this is a ridiculous proposal, I urge them to stand against ALL instances of government overreach and not just those impacting them personally.

  57. Imagine living in a place where you were dictated by a group of the minority in a place you call home. Why is it the minority are the only ones heard? Because they make the most noise constantly silencing the ones who go about their normal life.
    Perhaps a more simplistic approach to this would be all who sign this objection write to the local council explaining they will be refusing to pay rates until the law is abolished.

    Im sure if they receive enough complaints they may take note.


  58. Another Dictator move by a local shire that is funded through the public, this is ridiculous families move to land for this reason so their kids can get outside in the fresh air and play ( ride motorbikes, horses, 4 wheelers) and enjoy the open space, how dare a council suggest they are going to put a stop to this or restrict children/adults from enjoying their own land , their piece of Australia ?? Well I say NO NO NO to this Idea, suggestion what ever you think it may be.

  59. Who comes up with this crap? These people need to be named and shamed!

    It’s time to get rid of local government, NOW!

  60. Scumbags who thought this up wouldn’t let a kid 5 cents off for a bag of lollies, put your hands up if your made life harder for people just by being you, everyone’s hands should be down except greedy golden plains councillors who like to invent bullshit ways to get more money

  61. What an absolute joke, we purchase a bit of land to enjoy,my daughter loves riding her motorbike around in a safe environment, pull your heads out of your ass’s and stop trying to make ridiculous changes

  62. We buy land so we can teach our children to ride motorbikes. Seeing as though we can not go into state forests or anyone else. Private land is our choice and option. We pay a lot of money for our own Alice of paradise, we pay enough in fees and taxes. We pay our rates, waste water and every other fee you choose to increase. We pay more than what we are living for. So, now you want to take our rewards away.
    Our rewards of teaching children, about life, other than just maintaining our land, children need freedom and so do we. On our own land and properties.

  63. This is ridiculous!! We pay our rates…..not rent our property to you, for you to do on it what you like!!! Golden plains you are getting worse!!
    First you rip up nature strips and gutter ways that have been there for 30 plus years, that then result in flooding people’s driveways and properties ect….then you want to tell us what we can use and do on our land!!
    How about you’s fix our roads and our foot paths that are non existent!!! How about you also while I’m at it stop the over valuations of our properties in our rates notices…..tell you what you can have my 12 acres and home for $50 grand less that valuation and I’ll be happy!!
    You are Ridiculous!!! You are by far the worst shire I’ve ever had to deal with!!!
    Let our kids grow up on our properties knowing what our side fun is!!!

  64. But as long as you have paid for your fully registered & taxed bike you can ride up & down the roads that surround your property all day long?? Yeah makes total sense.

  65. This is unbelievable that they want to ban you riding bikes on your own private property, councils are not the law

  66. What an absolute joke. Maybe you should put your thinking caps on and stop taking away people’s rights left right and centre. Do something constructive for the community and allow people to have a bit of harmless fun on their own land.
    The main problem with local councils is they become power crazy and need to be pulled into line and need to be told a few home truths.

  67. This is the most fucked up thing I have ever read like seriously in 29 I grew up on riding motorbikes and my kids will be doing the same but like if people have a problem with noise move back into town private property means it’s your land you cans ride or drive what you want as kids these days have to learn like most of us have. How are kids meant to be kept out of trouble if they can’t do something on their own land because of some low life self centred people that have nothin better to complain about I mean people are not going to like this comment but I honestly don’t care one bit because others have dreams and a life so the people that complain about a little moose from a motorbike grow the fuck up and think about what use we’re doing as children

  68. The solution is simple. Councils actions are representative of the will of the people. You simply need to make more complaints about the proposed law, than those complaining about motorbikes. Aussies are not powerless but historically, we are lazy, or maybe just too trusting that our elected reps will act in our best interests. If you live in the area and have commented here, write a letter to your local rep.
    The squeaky wheel gets the grease…

  69. How about all golden plains councillors are sacked, then the money the community will save, build a Motorcross complex that allows everyone to have fun, happy people, cash flow from tourists and more businesses which would create bigger better ideas to flow, or just let them keep lowering the standards of life up to you. Life is becoming more and more not worth living thanks for adding to this problem golden plains council

  70. This is absolute garbage, It needs to change immediately. This country is going to the dogs because of the imbeciles in charge that establish stupid dictatorship rules such as this.

  71. I’ve lived in this shire for 25 plus years. I ride,my kids have grown up riding here and now my grandchildren are learning. What do they do now? There’s more noise from chainsaws and gardening equipment around my area than motorbikes. How about they stop spending my rates on crap where the shire offices are and do something at my end of the shire.

  72. Bugger off! I don’t even ride or like hikes and I think this is ridiculous! You can’t tell people what to do on their own property in the sticks! Absolute joke!

  73. Absolutely ridiculous, how are these pathetic bureaucrats voted in.
    Even the current bogus scheme of charging people for a meaningless permit to use a bike on their own land is nothing more than highway robbery of the rate payers who are already being forced to pay exorbitant rates to begin with.

    Vote these bastards out while you still can.

  74. Will you just get out of our lives !! It’s private property . This nanny state rubbish needs to stop and leave us to manage our own lives .These people are responsible private citizens that have not voted you in to Stop them making decisions for them.
    Just Stop for gods sake !!!

  75. Stop making it ok simply because people have a permit. Stop taking away the fun families have together. A recreation that without being sexist bonds dads with their sons, men with their mates. Physical activity should not have paid permits, time limits or fines. Physical health assists wellbeing of Mental health.
    This smells of a plan to raise more revenue in an already highly taxed state. Stop this over governance of people’s simple pleasures and fun.
    PS I’ve never been one to partake but stand for family, health and well-being of my fellow humans who benefit from being physically active.

  76. Good luck with this claim you bunch of muppets it’s private property how do you intend to monitor this let alone get people on your side nest of luck you stupid pricks ?

  77. Well stuff you GPS! Who are the pen pushers sitting behind a desk coming out with these stupid rules!! Obviously someone with no country live or experiences! Keep driving people out of the town with your rules! I for one or any of my family members will apply for any permits!! We paid for our house and land, If we allow family members to come out and ride on our property for a few hours every now and then that’s our business no one else’s!! we pay our very expensive land rates and what we do is no ones else’s business! Council should concentrate more on fixing roads and many others big concerns for many locals before trying to tell people what they can and can’t do on their own property ????

    1. Made a huge error in my comment!! I for one or any of my family members will NOT BE applying for any permits!!

  78. Local Councils all of them are over paid green thumbs wankers who are taking away the fun us motorcyclist enjoy and love so much you green tree hugging environmentalists there nothing wrong with the smell and the power of a good 2 stroke motorcycle…love the 2 stroke smell they produce it smells so good..

  79. Can’t be serious?! This is why you move out of the city & onto some land.
    Come on you drips, stop trying to money grab & dictate everything!

  80. sounds like the council wants you all to leave the town so that they can make more money from developers who will come in and buy it all to turn it into a future town they will make millions in chargers they charge these developers
    look what the council have done to werribee all the good pepole are gone and the bad pepole have moved in its not the same anymore anyway good luck dont let them kill off your town

  81. Wtf!!! Australian government have lost the fuckin plot, slowly loosing it more and more since the gun laws!!! Sounds like North Korea not fuckin Australia!!! Get fucked.

  82. That is fucked it is your land if people don’t like it they should move we have had two great mx tracks in Geelong and both shut down as people moved there knowing it was there and then complained about noise and got it shit down what a joke

  83. This is absolutely ridiculous. Especially since this includes electric bikes, it shows it is another step towards totalitarian control, NOT noise restrictions.
    Undoubtedly the complaints come from a few cashed up people who bought a (second?) property away from the city for their “peace and quite”. Fine, but if you move to the country, you need to abide by the (existing) country rules, written and unspoken! Not force your own preferences onto others.

  84. What a load of crap, if you own your land and property then no one has the right to stop you, this is a prime example showing that you really never own what you pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for, some council people have there heads to far up each other’s arses

  85. Kill joys! This is really sad! We’re have the days of getting out and having some old fashioned family fun gone! It’s such an important learning curve for young ones to learn foundations when it’s not practical for everyone to travel to busy moto x tracks, where else are they supposed to learn. Sit back in your office chairs and make decisions for what it’s like for country kids growing up in this day and age with drugs so prevalent i know damn well what I’d rather my kids be doing! I suppose you’ll ban swimming in the river and tyre swings next ?

  86. I oppose to these proposed new laws.
    More laws don’t make it a better place.
    Motorcyclists should use common courtesy not to upset their neighbours.

  87. I’d suggest to anyone living in this area, if they pass this law, to find other ways to make as much noise as possible. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard, and surely this cannot be passed.

  88. It’s a private property like seriously what would you rather us doing. Out getting exercise an having fun or sitting inside getting fat while playing video games. It’s our property don’t try an take away our freedom on our property that we pay for to do the things we want to do

  89. I stand against limiting people on their use of motor bikes on their own land.
    We should be free to use our land how we choose.

  90. Absolutely ridiculous! How dare council think they can dictate what we do on our own land. Show me actual law that says this, not noise pollution during the day against real law. Control freaks have got out of hand. Council laws aren’t actually Australian law that is police enforced, if you are going to try and stop what I can do on my property then start reimbursing rates & additional costs & do not send anyone on my property or they will be charged with trespassing, yes my property not councils! There is no way council could be getting more complaints about riding bikes on people’s own property than they are against this bullshit.

  91. These people choose to live in the country knowing that people will have motorcycle, chainsaws and machinery operating occasionally, we did this our kids and grandchildren should be allowed to experience these outdoor activities instead of sitting in front of a tv or computer, honestly our councils and local government need to go back to grass roots and let our kids live a life , if you have got a problem with this maybe go back to the city stop ruining our life’s with rediculous rules that suit a minority

  92. ?? How can you dictate what someone does on their own property? We pay our rates and that give us a right to do what we want on our own land. Dirt bike riding is a bit of fun and if I have land available to do it I bloody well will.

  93. What a joke. Private property should be that… Privately allowed to do as one pleases.
    We pay Rates, expensive ones, now you want to punish property owners for giving their children a rural lifestyle. Ridiculous!
    I live on 15 acres, neighbours kids ride their motorbikes alot, it’s great, at least they are outside having fun in the fresh air.

  94. This is ridiculous, I would much rather my children be outside on their motorbikes than inside playing computer games. Learning to ride motorbikes at a young age makes children more advanced than children sitting on iPads all day. !!!

  95. Stupid, complainers should not be given priority over law abiding homeowners. Its just going to force people back on the roads, no one can complain about you riding your motorbike on public land because they dont know who you are and where you live.

  96. I reckon it’s a bloody rubbish idea people spend all this land and there not even allowed to use it and also they spend all this money on a bike as well and u can’t even ride the bloody thing.
    One of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen and heard

  97. They pay rates on there land so bureaucrats can sit in an office coming up with new laws to take any enjoyment from lives. Wise up this is unbelievable!

  98. I think the council has too much power over how we live our lives already. They need to stop restricting our lives and remember they are here to serve us not control us!

  99. The interesting part about this is that this was introduced in Local Law #2 in 2017! Did any of us know about it? – NO! Complete lack of community consultation as always GPS!

    GPS refuse to send out emails inviting everyone to have their say on local law no.2. FB does not reach the whole community, neither do the local papers. Funny how they manage to reach the whole community when sending out our rates notices

  100. I think we should line all of those people up they want this to happen then line up some Dirt Bikes and Rooster them with Rocks lol

  101. Ridiculous rules. Especially the fact that they include electric bikes. Even for petrol powered bikes it doesn’t make sense unless there is a suitably loud noise limit exceeded at the boundaries of the property that would negatively effect neighbors.

  102. When it comes to sound it’s not just your place. It’s everyone’s place; neighbours, birds, animals.
    Not everyone moves to a bush block to rip it up with bikes with no consideration for anyone or anything else.
    Some people move there for peace.
    The above comments show how little regard people have for anyone elses rights apart from their own.

  103. I don’t own a big property but I think it is a money grabbing thing to do. The kids love riding around their property. They pay their rates. Leave then alone.

  104. Well, I am going to make a 2-stroke generator and run it 24hrs/day powering a light bulb. These people are idiots, people buy rural properties for lifestyle and motorcycling is a lifestyle IF NOT a religion to some of us!

  105. This is dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Big brother should butt out of people business and let them do the things they love on their own land. Yet another reason to not live in the communist state of Victoria.

  106. It’s not about noise or revenue raising, it’s about controlling the population with a minimum amount of effort, it’s the new “SOCIALIST WAY” being adopted from the Daniel Andrews Book called “ “How to control a bunch of flogs” that voted for me @ the last election. Think before you vote because they won’t stop @ noisy motorbikes.

  107. I think we should just ban children all together, makes as much sense as this rubbish.
    2020, the year of bullshit man made laws.

  108. Absolute joke, people work hard pay there taxes so they and their family can enjoy their time together. Let’s get real!!!!!!!!

  109. Just another brick in the wall, won’t be long and there will be no wall left!
    Our rights and civil liberties are slowly being swept from underneath our feet!
    Watch this space, it’s just the start.
    Wake up, be aware, before it’s too late!!

    Let the kids grow up and have fun, it’s not the councils land it’s private property.
    What ever happened to my house is my castle?

    But wait a minute, riding any sort of motorcycle is freedom, we can’t have the younger generation learning the meaning of that now can we?
    They’d much prefer our kids to be riding bikes on a App & Tablet where they can be controlled and brainwashed!

  110. Someone has to say it.
    Yes this has gone crazy.
    The idiots ( minority, we all realise ), making all the noise and riding on prohibited grounds, have created this problem for all.
    But when was the last time you spoke up about their behaviour, noise, rubbish or unregistered bikes on your rides.
    I am with you all here. I still race in my fifties.
    We are also primary producers, and no motorcycles ridden here, including mine. Reason being the idiots in previous sentences.
    We are a minority of those fortunate enough to be able to.
    If we won’t speak up and acknowledge facts riding areas will be less and less.
    Four stroke noise carries more than 100 acres of prickle farm.

    And really, no rego = no insurance, and realistically probably not the resources to self insure. So a burden on the health system and income support and possibly for long times.

    And the entitled attitude ?
    Its’ mine, I’ll do what I want !
    Big frogs in little puddles.

    The big fish swim silent.

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