Lock Down Enduro for Leukaemia

What does an experienced enduro rider from regional Victoria and a ten year old boy have in common?
“Plenty” is the answer, they both love dirt bikes and they both love country Victoria.
Heading towards late 2019 Cory Kennedy had 2020 all mapped out with his race event calendar full and the entry fees set aside, prepared for a fun year ahead.
Then the bush fires hit, they burnt right to the door step of Cory’s property and badly affected the local area, not long after recovering and cleaning up from the fires Covid-19 reared it’s disgusting infectious head, followed but public health orders that restricted travel and eventually escalated into Lock Downs, so much for Cory’s planned race season.
Then came the bomb shell that rocked Cory’s world, not just his world but the world of the entire Kennedy house hold, Cory received a phone call from his best friend, their friends son, ten year old Riley had just been diagnosed with leukaemia and required chemotherapy as a part of his treatment.
After the initial shock had sunk in, Cory being Cory never taking a backwards step and the Kennedy family wanting to do something to help out not only their best friends but also others who are affected by such conditions Cory setup “Lock Down Enduro” to raise funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Why Lock Down Enduro?
As most would be acutely aware many areas of Victoria have strict lock down laws in place, as if the fires, covid and Riley’s condition are not frustrating enough the Kennedy family can not travel to be with Riley to support him or his parents in person.

In your own back yard
The idea is to go all out and make it as close to a race day set up as you can, bunting, pit tent, the works…

If you don’t think your backyard is big enough check out what @gforcejarvis has been up to in his!

Think outside the box: Did someone say peewee? Harley?

Obstacles: it’s no enduro if you’re riding a flat track, make sure you add some entertainment pieces and send us pics! You may like to use logs, rocks, jumps, kids play equipment, the neighbours rose garden whatever works.

It’s a 4hr enduro event, thus meaning continued riding for 4hrs except for fuel stops and for special tests. This is as much a fundraiser as it is an opportunity to test your fitness. Pick a 4hr window on the weekend of the 12-13th September, we will be riding on Saturday 12th at 10am-2pm! 

To participate just click “going” on this event, get your go pros charged, get someone to video your awesome obstacles, and post updates throughout your ride, or after.

For every 10laps you must do at-least one lap in reverse direction. 

You must complete one mandatory fuel stop during the 4 hrs 

You must complete one Tyre change during the 4 hr block (this is purely for entertainment and to break up the 4hrs given the track will most likely be smaller). 

Join in
To join in simply click HERE to show you are a part of the ride and support Cory and Riley.
Post videos and photos on your own timeline and be sure to use the hash tag lockdownenduro (#lockdownenduro) 

Live Stream
Cory will attempt to live stream as much of the event as he can, especially the special tests as they will be pretty entertaining.

Even if you can not participate Riley and Cory would love you see you throw in a coupe of dollars to help the cause by clicking HERE we know times are tough for many people at the moment and you may not be able to donate but you could help by liking and sharing the Lock Down Enduro page, it’s completely free and easy to do by clicking HERE

Grassroots Enduro Australia would like to thank Cory, the Kennedy family for setting up this event for such an important cause, we wish the very best for young Riley and his family and thank the Starlight Children’s foundation, the doctors and nurses who care so diligently and with the utmost professionalism and kindness.
You’ve got this Riley, kick leukaemias bum, there’s a whole world of people supporting you !

Cory Kennedy - A heart of GOLD

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