Australian Hard Enduro Championship 2021

Round One Exposed

Time to get off the grog, drop the pies and start training.

Grassroots Enduro Australia is proud to announce Round One of the 2021 Australian Hard Enduro Championship is locked in where 2020 took off thanks to the gate crasher named Covid.

The Tenterfield Terror in March 2020 saw 286 riders register and test their limits, once again March 2021 will see Tenterfield come alive with the sound of two strokes 

Changes you can expect for 2021 include:

👉Prologue spread out and ran in classes along with track changes to reduce/prevent bottle necks

👉No sandbagging, where possible our race committee will decide which class is appropriate for you (based on your race history)

👉Check Points, that’s right we’ll be watching you👀

👉Gold: bring your technical skills, we are stepping it up a few notches, expect to have your slow technical skills tested and mental boundaries pushed, 2020 was just a warm up🔥

👉Silver: not many changes here, if you have raced silver with us already you know what you need to work on, get cracking!

👉Bronze: as per silver class, if you have raced with us before you know what to expect, work on those skills and increase your fitness, we are not out to break you, we want to see you have a great race and still enjoy yourself, we love you😍

👉Ladies, they don’t expect any special treatment and 2021 will be no exception, you will race the same tracks for the class you select as your fellow male riders, you are not obligated to enter the ladies class, you can choose to run in the same class the blokes.

👉Juniors, Bin the video games and dumped the mobile phone, start training, sleep well and eat healthy !!
The junior tracks will be longer and increase in difficultly, you little buggers took us all by surprise in 2019 & 2020, some seriously skilled kids out there and a part of our ethos is to foster that skill and help you to develop both mentally and physically, you are the future of Hard Enduro.

Chris Perry: Murrumbidgee Rumble 2019
Chris has been training harder than ever before during the off season

A man with many years experience and one of the most respected Hard Enduro riders in Australia, Rob Nowak (KTM)

No doubt 2021 will see Australia’s best Hard Enduro riders eager to get back to racing and the contend the Australian Hard Enduro Championship.
Anthony Solar (Beta)

From the feedback we have received we know many riders have taken the down time enforced upon them to train and improve their fitness and riding specifically for the A.H.E.C, some riders taking advantage of online training with experienced instructors and mentors such as Ben Greenwood from 100 Percent Strength, other riders have been clocking up bike time and hitting the gym whether at home or the commercial facilities.
Many junior riders have been keeping Hard Enduro rider Tim Coleman busy with coaching on his magnificent Glen Maggie property.


Tim Coleman will be back in 2021 on the new Sherco with refinements that have made a great machine even better.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2021 for a huge and exciting season of racing and good times.