Racing: Where do I start?

For many people even thinking about racing can leave them feeling anxious and sweating bullets !

Let us help guide you through the process, there’s no need to panic.
You’ll be surrounded by good people who all have one thing in common, they are all there for a good time, ride dirt bikes and enjoy the banter around the camp site.
                                    “there’s no need to panic”

Here’s the process and what to expect.

The vast majority of racing is now advertised on social media as it’s by far the most powerful means of spreading the word.

You’ll be required to register (also called “nominate”) for each event via our website

Don’t panic if you can’t register yet, it simply means registrations have not yet opened.

Registrations may open several months before each event and close seven days before the event is due to start, like and follow our Facebook page to see when registrations open, check out the “Events” section.

Registration involves providing your name, age, contact details, bike brand, engine, capacity, ambulance cover details, along with paying your entry fee and entering your race number.

Senior riders will be asked to select your class, Gold, Silver or Bronze.
Junior riders do not have that option as they all ride the same course.

You’ll also need to provide your membership number that you have obtained from the Australian Motorcyclist Association, A.M.A.
Please note, to race enduro you must obtain your A.M.A membership from HERE 

Your membership number will look like this “AMA1234” but the numbers will vary as they are unique to you.

If your membership number does not start with “AMA” followed four digits you do not have the correct licence, Grassroots Enduro is a promoter of race events for the Australian Motorcyclist Association, we do not recognise any licences or memberships from any other organisations.

Race Numbers:
In order to race you require a race number to be fitted to your bike.
Grassroots Enduro & DMK Designs have teamed up to bring you some sweet graphic kits with your own race number at a great price,
be sure to use the exclusive discount code.
Be sure to read all the information on contained in the link below before you commit to purchasing a sticker kit, your preferred race number may already be taken.
If you intend on entering only one or two rounds and you already have a sticker kit on your bike and the number is taken we can allocate you a temporary number, you can simply cover the current numbers on your bike.

Selecting your class:

Gold/Pro: Bike numbers 1 to 99
Gold class is reserved for the very best, if you select gold class we will contact you if we are not familiar with you or your ride/race history.

Silver/Expert: Bike numbers 100 to 299
I have ridden hard enduro with my mates and have some racing experience
I have a decent level of fitness.
I love a good challenge and don’t mind if I have to bust my hump pushing my bike to get up a hill.
I will take on whatever lays in front of me without crying, I may swear like a trooper though.

Bronze/Clubby: Bike numbers 300 & over
If you have not entered our events previously and/or have not raced hard enduro previously we strongly suggest you enter bronze.
*Don’t under estimate Bronze, you will be tested, your bike will need a fan but you should finish a lap, this is hard enduro.

Ladies Class: Bikes number are as per the class you enter as above.
The ladies class was introduced to encourage more ladies into the sport, you ride the same tracks, gold, silver or bronze, you are only separated by name “Ladies”, your finishing place will be judged against others in the ladies class.
Ladies are not required to enter the ladies class, it’s your choice.

Now you have registered and have your licence in place you will receive an email containing the “Final instructions”.  The instructions will provide you with all the information you require, including the location, race format and schedule (time of each event throughout each day) plus much more.
Please read all of the instructions carefully.

Preparing for the event:
Ensure your bike is well maintained and in good working order, the bars ends must be not be open, this means you must have hand grips with the ends of the grips intact, be using “bars ends” or hand guards that fill the ends of the bars.
Front and rear mud guards must be fitted to the bike.
You will be sent a self-scrutineering form with the final instructions, this must be filled out and brought with you to the event.

Aside from the bike, you should have good riding gear, long sturdy pants, long sleeve top, gloves, helmet, goggles, motorcycle boots and a hydration pack, we suggest 3lt, click HERE
All helmets must meet the following codes: UN ECE 22.05, Snell M2015, JIS T8133

Grassroots Enduro employ professional medical personnel for every event

All Grassroots Enduro races are held over two days, Saturday is prologue day and usually starts around 9am with race day running on Sunday.
These times do vary and will be detailed in the final instructions.

When you arrive at the event:
You can arrive at the event from Friday 9am, on most occasions, sometimes we can allow camping from the Thursday. (This will be detailed in the final instructions).
You’ll see signs that point you towards the camping area, follow them and go claim your spot, there is a camping fee of $20 per car payable in cash at sign on. You are not obliged to camp at the property, the choice is yours.

You will be required to sign on before you can race, look for the “Grassroots” tent and you’ll some lovely ladies there who’ll help you out.  At sign on you’ll be required to show your drivers licence, hand in your self-scrutineering form and leave a $25 refundable cash deposit for the transponder, the transponder records your laps/times and is fitted to your bike using cable ties we supply.

We like to make sure the sign-on process is smooth and fast, please make sure you have the correct money so we are not left fumbling around for change and slowing the process down.

Sign-on usually starts around 10am on the Friday preceding the race and closes at 4pm, it opens again at 7am Saturday till around 9.30am, again these times will vary and will be detailed in the final instructions.
Signing on the Friday ensures any queue is minimal.

Saturday: Prologue is a set track of a much shorter distance than the full track and is “usually” much easier than the main track, prologue tracks vary in time/distance at each event.

Your fastest prologue lap/time determines your starting position for the race the following day, you can do one lap or as many laps as you want.

The prologue track opens and closes at set times which will be detailed in the final instructions, it usually remains open for around three hours, the above description does vary from event to event slightly.

When you are on the prologue track and hear a faster rider approaching move over to let them pass safely, do not jump on the brakes hard, slow down and move over.
If you catch a slower rider ensure you pass safely, a good engine rev can warn them of your approach.

Juniors and senior riders do not ride at the same time.


Race Day:

Try to forget your nerves as you are about to have the best fun of your life!

Gold class riders usually start first, each rider leaves approximately 30secs apart, this time will vary depending on the track and conditions.

Silver riders leave next with the top 20 leaving at 30sec intervals, followed by two riders at time, increasing to five at a time.

Bronze riders leave in the same fashion as Silver.

Junior riders leave in small groups but this depends on the amount of riders.

You will be nervous, don’t let that feeling bother you it is perfectly normal, every other rider is feeling the same way.

The best tip we can give you for race day is, don’t race, just ride.
Hard enduro can very taxing on the body, ride at a pace that is comfortable for you, better riders will get around you.

Like any race you’ll need to find a pace that is comfortable for you and ride in a way to preserve your machinery also, manage your body and your bike, you are a team and you cannot finish without each other.

Remember you won’t be on your own out there, there will be plenty of other riders just like you, you’ll most likely end up helping someone else and they may well help you.

Our laps can be long and may take you several hours to complete, ensure you carry enough water in your Zac Speed hydration pack and maybe even some trail snacks.

Don’t panic if you can’t finish a full lap, you don’t need to cross the finish line in order to win, the terrain you’ll ride and the obstacles you’ll conquer will ensure you’ll have many wins throughout the day.

We have “Sweeps” riding the tracks throughout the day to check for broken down riders/bikes, the sweeps will guide you on what to do if you cannot continue or run out of time, never under any circumstances ride your bike in the opposite direction.

If safe to do so stay with your bike, ask another rider to tell a sweep or official of your race number and your general location and we’ll sort you out.
Most importantly remember to have fun!

What you should bring:
Riding gear
Pit tent
Bike consumables
First aid kit
If your prone to blisters strapping tape
Swag/tent/caravan/motor home
Cash for your transponder & camping, cold drinks/food

(We always have an organisation serving BBQ style food and drinks at our events)

                              There is usually someone on hand to help

Round one of the Australian Hard Enduro Championship is set to take place in Tenterfield March 6 & 7 2021

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