Sherco long term review @160hrs

2020 300 Sherco SE Factory Two Stroke

The 2020 Sherco has held up great with no issues whatsoever.
Aside from the standard maintenance it has performed and operated flawlessly.

Sherco previously suffered from brittle plastics in the early days but this has been resolved as is evident from the video and out on the trails, over the last three years Sherco has worked hard to improve and refine their machines and this is reflected in the quality of the bikes we now see.
The new counter balanced two stroke range of 2021 Sherco are in unprecedented high demand here in Australia, the USA & Europe for good reason, a well balanced machine that excels in both recreational and race conditions backed by a ever-growing dealer network with passionate people.

It’s fantastic to see the brand grow from strength to strength as more riders are recognising Sherco’s excellent performance, reliability and value for money, as hard enduro develops and expands in Australia we can expect to see more French bikes in the Aussie bush and at race events.

Hard Enduro rider Sam Rogers takes on terrain that bites back !
Ryan Peterson takes us through 160hrs of abuse
Our first review of the 300 two stroke at 56hrs

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