Round Three 

Australian Hard Enduro Championship 

Run & Won!

The Capricorn X-Treme located in Mount Morgan Qld tested the best of the best and drew consensus from the Pro class that it was hardest event they have ever raced.

“ %$#@ me, that’s the hardest race I have ever done  “
Rob Nowak: Gold Class winner

The event itself wasn’t without it’s challenges, covid lockdowns lifting just in the nick of time for SEQ and 80mm of rain falling on the region saw the access road almost impassable on prologue day and in turn a new camp ground established, however it was conveniently located immediately in front of the race property, BONUS!

The weather gods had us worried but ultimately race day turned into the best conditions we could have asked for, crystal clear blue skies greeted us at the crack of dawn, the access road became passable and the tracks turned from dry & dusty into what every rider dreams of, moist conditions and awesome terrain

“If I had to race one track for the rest of my life it’s that one”
Chris Dark:  Silver Class winner


Congratulations to all riders and many thanks for your support.
Pro/Gold class was won by Rob Nowak (KTM), a veteran of the Hard Enduro scene in Australia with international race experience such as RBR, Erzberg and Sea to Sky

The second highest podium was filled by Wade Ibrahim (KTM), winner of round two of the A.H.E.C, Wade’s second place puts him in a strong position on the points chart.

Sherco rider Chris Perry rounded out the top three with a solid performance and backing up his third place at the previous round.


1st Chris Dark (Husq)
2nd Trent Tucci (Husq)
3rd Frank Fee (Sherco)

1st Mac Vonthien (Beta)
2nd Robert Brosig (Husq)
3rd Adam DeCaria (Gas Gas)

1st Ebony Nielsen (KTM)
2nd Cheyenne Jones (KTM)
3rd Zeena Gadsby  (KTM)

1st Brody Reed (Beta)
2nd Toby Page (Kawasaki)
3rd Michael Blake (KTM)

All results & points can be found at HERE

The seniors track ranged from 32km(bronze) and 45km (silver & gold)
Seniors had a six hour time limit while the junior track was 8kms in length with a reduced two hour limit thanks to lockdown

Set out on an 11,000 acres property the tracks covered a large variety of terrain, creek beds, nasty hill climbs and fast flowing single track.

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Many thanks to Sue from Wurth’s Motorcycles in Rockhampton for allowing us to use a brand new Landboss buggy

Sean and the crew from Think Medical Solution for their professional services.

A massive shout out to all the volunteers, the Capricorn Dirt Riders Club & track cutters who gave up combined hundreds hours to prepare the property and establish the tracks.

     All of our sponsors, many thanks for your ongoing support & commitment

                           Please consider supporting those who support us

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