Shercos Strong Showing in Hard Enduro

Chris Perry: A seasoned rider with international experience secured 3rd in Pro class

While we were all hoping for 2021 to be a Covid free year which would allow us to run racing events unhindered, this has proven not to be the case.
Despite this, Sherco Motorcycles have had strong sales since early 2020 and an ever increasing band of converts to the brand, providing good competition on the track and on showroom floors with sharp pricing for a quality product that is race ready.

Ryan Peterson: Pro class & 6th place on his 2020 300 2 Stroke.
260hrs of Hard Enduro punishment on his bike and still going strong !

The latest round of the Australian Hard Enduro Championship held in Queensland saw a strong field of the brand attend and secure some excellent finishing results on what has been touted as the most testing Hard Enduro race in Australia to date, Grassroots Enduro Australia have been escalating the level of difficulty over the previous events, we have now found the limits of the Pro/Gold class riders which will give us a baseline we can now work off for future events.

Sam Preece piloted his 2021 300 SE-Factory to secure 11th in Pro class

Sherco Race Results
Round 4: Capricorn X-Treme

Chris Perry 3rd
Ryan Peterson 6th
Sam Rogers 9th
Sam Preece 11th
Callum Ceglinski 13th

Frank Fee 3rd
Jason Beaton 11th
Kane Tougher 13th

Andrew Freund 5th
Ben Sparkes 17th
Jonon Schwerin 19th
Thomas Sorensen 30th

Victorian based Jason Beaton with a hard fought race finished the day in 11th position riding in the Expert/Silver class

We have our fingers & toes crossed the next round “Hill Storm Relentless Challenge” due to occur on the last weekend in August will not affected by ongoing lockdowns and public health orders.
Entries are currently suspended until the government provide a clearer pathway for us to operate in.