NSW Recreational Rego & Junior Licencing

Grassroots Enduro were lucky enough to catch up for quick chat with the CEO of Outdoor NSW & ACT, Lori Modde.

With the focus on recreational trail bike riding, Lori Modde provides a brief background of Outdoor NSW & ACT along with some of the challenges the non-governmental organization face and an overview of the outcomes they are aiming to achieve.

The future of recreational riding on public land in NSW & ACT

How you can help shape the future?

The Outdoors NSW & ACT Trail Bike Sub-Committee are seeking feedback from riders in the form a recently release survey

To participate in the survey & read more information please visit the Trail Bike Sub-Committee website by clicking HEREHERE

3 thoughts on “NSW Recreational Rego & Junior Licencing”

  1. I think rego for recreation is a great thing and also junior licences would stop a lot of illegal activity out in the forests as long as it’s affordable for young people

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