Gold/Pro: Bike numbers 1 to 99

I’m very experienced at riding hard enduro and racing, I will take on anything you throw at me at a decent pace
The harder the better
I am very fit
I don’t waste my energy yelling at my bike
I enjoy crushing my own fingers in a vice
Are we there yet, if not why not?


Silver/Expert: Bike numbers 100 to 299

I have ridden hard enduro with my mates and have some racing experience
I have a decent level of fitness
I love a good challenge and don’t mind if I have to bust my hump pushing my bike to get up a hill
I will take on whatever lays in front of me without crying, I may swear like a trooper though
I need to go to work on Monday


Bronze/Clubby: Bike numbers 300 & over

I’m not sure what class to enter
I don’t know what to expect
I’m a confident rider but this will be my first race
I normally ride fast flowing single track and some snotty stuff but want to see what this hard enduro is all about
*Don’t under estimate Bronze, you will be tested, your bike will need a fan but you will finish a lap, this is hard enduro.