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Advanced motocross tread technology for Soft, Medium and Hard Terrain. Bridgestone has moved to strengthen its position in the motocross tyre market with the launch of Battlecross X30 for medium terrain, Battlecross X40 for hard terrain and the latest addition the X20 for soft terrain. The new Battlecross tyres exploit Bridgestone’s advanced MX tread and block design technology, developed and proven at the highest level of motocross competition. Since 2005 Bridgestone have won over 50 titles across all categories of the most prestigious championship final rankings: the FIM Motocross World Championship, the AMA Pro MX Championship and the JMX Championship. Battlecross X20, X30 and X40 now make this technology available to riders at all levels.

The Battlecross X30 and X40 front treads feature blocks molded left to right asymmetrically, providing high stability during braking and acceleration, with confident cornering grip at all camber angles. Tests have shown that all Battlecross front tyres provide significant higher grip level than the current Bridgestone M203, M403 and M603 products they replace.
The rear tyres are engineered with Bridgestone’s new Castle Block technology featuring molded convex blocks. This gives more edge effect to the tyre, helping to improve acceleration, cornering and lap times. And for the first time in motocross, Bridgestone has also deployed its Cooling Fin technology on X20, X30 and X40 rear tyres which reduces the heat generated by repeated sidewall flexing, helping to maintain performance consistency.

X20 Motocross tyre for use in soft to mud/sand terrain. Redesigned front tread / Convex “Castle Block” rear tread for enhanced traction, acceleration & braking. Improved grip in all conditions over previous models.


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