GOLDENTYRE MOUSSE 120/90-18 (Large Rear MOU2012)
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GOLDENTYRE MOUSSE 120/90-18 (Large Rear MOU2012)

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MOU2012 is perfect to pair with the 140/80-18 and 120/100-18 range of tyres for sublime plushness and bump compliance in enduro and hard-enduro racing or, for a firmer feel they are to be used with the 110/100-18 size tyres.

  • Installed to the GT516KE 140/80-18 = Est 10 – 12psi
  • Installed to the GT516KX 140/80-18 = Est 10 – 12psi
  • Installed to the GT232N 120/100-18 = Est 10 – 12psi
  • Installed to the GT333N 120/100-18 = Est 10 – 12psi
  • Installed to the GT232N 110/100-18 = Est 12 – 14psi
  • Installed to the GT333N 110/100-18 = Est 12 – 14psi
  • Installed to the GT232N 120/80-19 = Est 12 – 14psi

The G-Mousse is the next generation of mousse inserts from GoldenTyre. After years of intense testing and development, the G-Mousse is now the most technologically advanced insert on the market. Our revolutionary polymer construction combined with a newly developed extreme dual-heat production process has produced the most consistent and durable Goldentyre Mousse ever without sacrificing feel and bump compliance! The G-Mousse product line is designed to replace conventional inner tubes to provide 100% flat protection in the most extreme conditions in the world. When the race is on the line and you can not afford to have a flat, this is the product for you.

Mousse lube included.

For off-road use only. Mousse are not road legal and can not be used on public routes and highways.
These products are not recommended for use on asphalt and in high temperatures which can damage the mousse causing premature wear and tear.
Please note these are specifically designed for use in GoldenTyre tyres.

Please be aware that different brands of tyres have different size carcasses and wall thickness for the same size of tyre.

Mousse products are not covered by any kind of warranty for problems resulting from improper use.

  • The latest generation polymer construction creates the most consistent insert on the market
  • New dual heat treat cooking process to increase the longevity of the mousse
  • 100% flat proof protection for competition use
  • Increased impact absorption and reduced deflection
  • Guaranteed absolute superior grip and ground contact
  • Available in exclusive sizes to create the perfect feel and traction in every condition

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