GOLDENTYRE (GUMMY) GT333X 110/100-18
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GOLDENTYRE (GUMMY) GT333X 110/100-18

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Sticks like $#!% to a blanket !

Fitted up with a mousse this tyre ends up sitting at 125mm wide, nice tread pattern and awesome compound for maximum traction.
NOT recommended for blasting fire trails or on black top, this tyre is designed for Hard Enduro

The all new Goldentyre GT333X Rear Gummy Tyre: the next level in hybrid gummy technology.

A true hard enduro tyre featuring 15 years of gummy compound research and development by some of the best riders on the planet.

Goldentyre took their best selling off-road tyre, the GT333 Rear Enduro Tyre, and blended the latest GT516X technology to produce a tire with unmatched sidewall structure and tread face grip.

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