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Australian Hard Enduro Championship


The InsaneRide 2021 is based in Poatina Tasmania, Poatina is encompassed by stunning natural terrain that lends itself to Hard Enduro.
The central headquarters and riders hub for the event over the entire weekend is Poatina Chalet, more details on this in the Final Instructions which will be released approximately 3 weeks prior to the event.

Riders will have the opportunity to cement their starting position for the main race the following day
The prologue track consists of fast flowing grass track, big hills, steep natural terrain that’ll get the juices flowing before you drop in the gnarly man-made obstacles.

A distinct advantage will be gained by those who take on and “clean” the obstacles.

There are chicken runs around 90% of the obstacles for those not willing to take them on but be warned the chicken runs will take you longer.

Since 2019 We have lengthened the track to enable better spectating, a better pit setup and longer prologue time. 

Sunday is race day where you & your machine will work together as a team and battle through approximately 38 kms of some of the best hard enduro tracks Australia has to offer.
Riders will start in their starting positions determined by their prologue times.

A point to point race with remote check-points positioned along the way, it is the riders responsibility to ensure they don’t miss a check point and look after their card until they get to the finish line, no card or not fully stamped means you will DNF.

The track will be tagged/arrowed/bunted, you will find your way through, for 2021 the InsaneRide is not a GPS guided event.

Spectators: The centre piece for hard enduro action is the local quarry which spectators will be able access by bus, the quarry is sure to entertain both riders & spectators with obstacles and large hill climbs.
Food and drinks are available (cash only) and access is by bus only, a donation is required for those utilising the transport service
Buses leave Poatina Chalet after the riders have left and headed into the hills.
Track maps will be made available which identify some of the harder sections of tracks within easy walking distance of the quarry, great viewing!!

Plenty of time to get there and watch the riders start coming in. Plenty of hard spots to walk to and see.

Bike Hire:
Contact Chris Hargreaves Automotive IQ/Ready2Ride
Bikes are 2019> $330 Trail tours – or a little more for race prepped depending on your needs.
Email: automotiveiq22@gmail

Contact Ian at Poatina Chalet. 
0363978290 Poatina.chalet@fusion.org.au

Extra Bike Time:
Monday following the race is a option for riders to assist with removing bunting & arrows and get up close and personal with some of the harder lines, the brave will also have an opportunity to give them a crack if they choose.

Trail Tours:
Hard Enduro Adventures Tasmania are running trails tour on Tuesday (June 8) through to Thursday (June 10) for $100 P/D P/P for 2021 Insane Riders.
Mild to wild and GPS tracks for those that way inclined.
Depending on the numbers/requests is where we will likely go.
Accommodation can be arranged.
For all tour enquiries please email hardendurotas@gmail.com

Prior to registering for this event please ensure you have organised (or can organise) transport for your bike and yourself, please contact us if you require assistance with bike transport.
See you all there, this will be an absolute cracker !!!

Check your calendar & transport opportunities carefully before registering, strictly no refunds unless the event is cancelled or postponed, all refunds issued for the event will be less $40, read below.

The setting up of each event and establishing the tracks takes many people many hours, the running of the Australian Hard Enduro Championship requires fulltime dedication from our crew and many costs are incurred setting up for each and every event, if an event needs to be postponed or cancelled we need to retained $40 to help cover some of our expenses, we appreciate your understanding.