If you raced with us in 2020 your race number is registered with us, you’ll retain the same number for 2021.
If you have not yet raced with us you are required to register a race number and have it displayed on the front number plate and both side plates of your bike.
You can view the registered numbers in the link below, if you wish to register  a race number check the list below and contact us using the “CONTACT US” button on this site (info@grassrootsenduro.com.au) 

Gold: 0-99
Silver: 100-299
Bronze: 300 & above
Juniors are not restricted to a number range for 2021

STEP 1: Click here to view the Registered Race Numbers 
STEP 2: Select column “D” and use “ctrl  f” to search a for a specific number
STEP 3: Once you have established if your number is available you can register it by filling out this form Race Number Registration
STEP 4: We will send you a confirmation email

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