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Tim Davis:


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Age:  28

State:  Lara, Victoria

First bike:  pw80

Current bike:  2019 KTM300exc

Years riding:  A fair few

Trials experience:  Very limited, I have one but it’s more admired than ridden

Years riding hard enduro:  around 3yrs

Race history:  mainly local events

  • Wildwood
  • Dvmcc
  • Otway extreme & pony’s

How often do you ride:  Twice a week most weekends

Favourite race to date:  Couldn’t go past wildwood

Racing ambitions:  Hoping to do the rest of the grassroots and maybe next year get across to NZ and hopefully, a few more events overseas in 2021-2022

Favourite pre-race food:  Gnocchi

Favourite activity outside of riding:  Thinking about riding