Junior Class Riders
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Mackenzie Hall

Sponsors: Sydney Sherco

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Age:  15

State:  New South Wales

First bike:  KLX 110l 

Current bike:  Sherco 125

Years riding:  5 yrs

Trials experience:  Below average for sure

Years riding hard enduro:  about 2 yrs

Race history: AORC and NSW Off Road

  • Grassroots Kosciuszko Killer 2019
  • Grassroots Murrumbidgee Rumble 2019
  • Grassroots Tenterfield Terror 2020

How often do you ride:  try to ride at least once a week

Favourite race to date:  Tenterfield Terror 2020

Racing ambitions:  be able to race the WESS races

Favourite pre-race food:  anything and everything

favourite activity outside of riding:  water skiing and mountain biking