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Kasey Ludeman


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Age:  21 again!! (plus 13)

State:  Victoria

First bike:  CR 125 

Current bike:  Sherco SE-R 2 stroke

Years riding:  5 yrs

Trials experience:  Only training days

Years riding hard enduro:  2 yrs

Race history: More a trail hack/lover, with the odd pony express or race here and there

How often do you ride:  1-3 times a week

Favourite race to date:  Transmoto 8hour Bright or Wedderburn Pony Express

Racing ambitions:  Always to improve and to get more people to step out of their comfort zone to come along and have a go

Favourite pre-race food:  Vegemite pasta (trust me it’s good!)

favourite activity outside of riding:  Photography and road trips/camping with mates