COOLANT 50% Ethylene Glycol 5lt GRO
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COOLANT 50% Ethylene Glycol 5lt GRO

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Global Racing Antifreeze 50% coolant is a liquid designed to be used in all types of cooling systems.

The formulation of Global coolant is perfect for aluminium radiators and will not cause corrosion to radiators or alloy components.

Global Racing 50% coolant lowers the freezing point and helps avoid over heating of the cooling system.

Special additives have been added to reduce the formation of clay and crystallizing that build up in cooling systems over a period of time, therefore maximizing the replacement intervals needed.


  • Safe to use in aluminum radiators
  • Reduces freezing temperature
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Raises boiling point
  • Reduces clay build up and crystallizing in water
  • Maximizes coolant replacement intervals

Boiling point 144oc
Freezing point

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