GOLDENTYRE GT333 110/100-18
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GOLDENTYRE GT333 110/100-18

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The GT333 is an incredibly capable all-round tyre due to it’s unique carcass and compound construction. By combining the perfect carcass structure, knob design and rubber compound, the GT333 offers immense grip in all off-road conditions. It’s unique design provides incredibly even wear and traction throughout the entire life of the tyre. Race results achieved with this tyre here in Australia proved its ability when both the 2 main categories in the Australian Offroad Championships were won on it.


  • A slightly tighter tread pattern with an optimised rubber compound provides excellent traction in intermediate conditions and exceptional wear
  • Reinforced carcass design allows for maximum traction without sacrificing feel and rim protection
  • Tall sidewall allows to flex and maintain ground contact and grip in uneven terrain
  • Exclusive tread pattern and knob configuration insures maximum contact patch
  • DOT approved

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