Tyre Spoon x1

$14.95 inc. GST


We know all how shithouse changing tyres can be, particularly if you have no idea what you’re doing.
If you hate changing tyres but love bashing your knuckles, swearing like $2 hooker and throwing tools across the garage while in a fit of rage after busting yet another bead, we implore you to purchase our quality tyre spoons, nothing smashes through an irreplaceable antique leadlight window quite like our tyre spoons.
$14.95 a pop or grab 4 for $50 clams so you can reload quicker.

Tyre changing tips
1-Hit the tyre and rim with a bit of cheap dishwashing soap and water
2- Fit the section of tyre at the rimlock last
3-Squeeze the tyre together and ensure it’s sitting in the deepest part of the rim(the centre of the rim) this gives you a bit more “play” with the tyre and means you require less grunting to work the tyre bead over the edge of the rim.


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